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Rosie the Riveter

Friends Only


This journal is Friends Only!
Comment to be added. If you don't, I won't notice if you add me. :)


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love the sign.

Me, too! Even though Paint made the images kind of grainy. Grr on it.
I love that picture of Lauren.
wow that thing is awsome. Crazyness to the GIN!!! (Also you put Stephy and I next to eachother which makes it like x274748582346262345934867948679846)
Heck yes it is.

Yup, thought you might appreciate that.
♥! i feel so honored to have my picture up in your collage! that girl in the bottom right is gorgeoussss!
^_^ i love the banner!
hey! whoz that handsome guy wit u n da middle? omgz. hes a hottie! lol.

aNd OmGz WhO bE aBoVe Of HiM?!?! dA mOnKeY bOi Is HoTt!1!! LMAOCOPTORZ!!!!!1!!11!!$!#


aww pretty sign! i like it. im going to have to get you a better pic of me tho :P

Im on the banner, Im on the banner (sings)
Of course you are!
That's so awesome, seriously, and I LOVE the picture of you & your love in the middle.
I love this picture of you. It's so so so adorable. Brandon Oct 15 PM TBA. Hopefully by the end of October things are sort of solidified.
Awww I'm not on the banner, and I totally gave you a picture.

...I think.
Nuh uh! I saved all of the pictures given to me in a folder. You didn't give me one, sweety, or you'd definitely be on there.
I know it's kinda late.. BUT Happy New years... Whoop Whoop.. =)

why was I deleted?
Numerous reasons.

The main ones:

- All of your posts are drama filled. You're either talking about how some girl hates you or how you hate your boyfriend or Brandon. It's all the same. Every single time.

- I'm sick of reading about your eating issues. Trying to stay under 60 calories a day? Your organs are pretty much collapsing. You're malnourished. A lot of your entries are about your weight, and how you think you're fine, and how you're sick of people trying to force feed you, and your teachers asking you if you're anorexic. By the way you talk, and the way you go on, and the things you say, I can tell you really want attention. It's obnoxious.

- You treat your friends and boyfriend like shit.

- I don't agree with anything you ever say.

I used to really love you to death, but you've changed, and I'm tired of it. I can't even think of a way to defend you when other people start into you.

Mm, that's about it, yeah.



i see that you have nikki (simply_puck) on your friend list. if you are close to her PLEASE speak with her about her anorexia. she has another lj that she created just to post in an communities, and it is scary.

the journal name is firefly085 and here are some examples of her sickness:


and there are more-just look at the friend page of that username.

this isn't some silly joke-SHE NEEDS HELP!

thank you
Gin, this wasnt me! I've never even been to that lj. whoever made it deleted it! tara told me about the pics and anyone couldve gotten those pics off my info (the one in a bra wasnt even of me). Why would I make an lj like that. after you told me why you took me off your friends list, I felt horrible about it and deleted all the emo entries on my lj that I could find. trust me, I wouldn't do something this stupid.
hey, it's me incantatious...i relocated...add me? xo
Certainly :D
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Rosie the Riveter

February 2009

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